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Año Nombre Autor CIHDE Tipo Medio
2017  A comprehensive characterization of the antioxidant plant Parastrephia lucida (Meyen) from the Chilean Andean region using UHPLC high resolution mass spectrometry. Aceptada Carlos Echiburú. ISI Saudi Pharmaceutical Journal
2017 Nutritional composition, antioxidant activity and isolation of scopoletin of Senecio nutans: Support of new and ancestral uses. Aceptada Claudio Parra ISI Natural Products Research


UHPLC high resolution orbitrap metabolomic fingerprinting of the
unique species Ophryosporus triangularis Meyen from the Atacama
Desert, Northern Chile. En prensa 
Carlos Echiburú
Brazilian Journal oh Pharmacognosy
2016 Isolation of cytotoxic diterpenoids from the Chilean medicinal plant Azorella compacta Phil from the Atacama Desert by high‐speed counter‐current chromatography. Carlos Echiburú
Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture
2015 Fast isolation of cytotoxic compounds from the native Chilean species Gypothamnium pinifolium Phil. collected in the Atacama Desert, northern Chile. Carlos Echiburú
Industrial Crops and Products
2014 Rock art, style and chronology the need of a historical context for the rock art manifestations in the coast and valleys of northern Chile Calogero Santoro
2014 Genegeography of Chile. Regional distribution of American, European and African genetic contributions Francisco Rothhammer
Revista Médica de Chile
2014 The selective cytotoxicity elicited by phytochemical extract from Senecio graveolens (Asteraceae) on breast  cancer cells is enhanced by hypoxia Carlos Echiburú
International Journal of Oncology