Call for application for Research positions at the Research Center of Patagonian Ecosystems (CIEP) [CERRADA]

The Center for Research of Patagonian Ecosystems (CIEP) is the latest Regional Center created under the Regional Centers program of CONICYT, with the initial joint participation of Universidad de Concepción (UdeC), Universidad Austral de Chile (UACh) and the Regional Government of Aysén. In March 2015, CIEP became a privately-held, non-profit corporation dedicated to the study of marine and terrestrial Patagonian ecosystems as well as the archaeological heritage of the Aysén region. A central element of global significance in the work of CIEP is related to the concept of the Region of Aysén as a natural laboratory that allows us addressing global questions with local research. Our main research lines are:

a) Line of Terrestrial Ecosystems

b) Line of Aquatic Ecosystems

c) Archaeology and Heritage

Added to these lines of scientific research, CIEP hosts two lines of applied knowledge (outreach lines) intended to connect the knowledge acquired with the needs of the private and public sectors of the Region of Aysén. The outreach lines of research are 1) fishing and aquaculture and, 2) sustainable tourism.

 Positions of the call for application:

  1.  Position: Researcher in climatology and coordinator of the Research initiative/program “Laboratorio Ecoclimático” of CIEP
  2. Position: Post-Doctoral researcher in climate modeling
  3. Position: Post-Doctoral researcher in Quaternary palaeoecology


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